ROGER HILL is a freelance director, performer, arts and education consultant, writer, lecturer and broadcaster. He has presented the nation’s longest running alternative music programme on BBC Radio Merseyside for more than 30 years. He has played a prominent and active part in the development of Youth Theatre in the U.K, and worldwide beginning in the 1980’s with chairing the National Association of Youth Theatres (NAYT) of which he is now honorary President. His arts advisory work, mainly in the form of a number of influential reports, has been effectual in many localities in the UK as well as in Sweden and other European countries through his sustained involvement in Programmes for the Council Of Europe in the 1990’s. Since 2003 he has developed his educational consultancy work with a series of contracted projects managed for Creative Partnerships Manchester Salford (CPMS) involving research and schools development.

As a director he began his professional career at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre in the 1980’s moving from running the Youth Theatre to Associate Director of the main theatre, after which he turned to freelance work creating a number of performance pieces with small independent companies. Performing Arts and Community Arts have informed his work in Higher Education. He lectured in the latter at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and has written the M.A. in Community Arts for Cumbria University.

Having undertaken a new direction as a Live Art performer/artist he has taught in that area for Liverpool Hope University and the Royal Scottish Academy. His own Live Art work, as the performance “other”, Mandy Romero, has progressed through a number of projects and positions as Associate Live Artist at the Liverpool Bluecoat Arts Centre, an Arts Council Fellowship in Live Art based at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, a commission as part of the “Cities in Transition” programme in Liverpool, and work with Tate Liverpool. In 2007 he spent two months in China carrying out Live Art performance research in the Pearl River Delta and Shanghai.

Recently he has been working with a large numbers of schools on creativity projects and running a very successful Story-Telling Course alongside his own creative work which includes producing his third and fourth short films. His “Et In Arcadia Ego” sequence of autobiographical performance-works began in 2010 with “Stevenage”, which toured until 2013, continued with “In Excelsis – A Personal History of Glam Rock”, which was commissioned for the Birmingham SHOUT Festival in 2013 and is still available for bookings, and will continue with a new show, based on Roger’s Liverpool period. Meanwhile his film based on his journal of his first years in Liverpool at Eric’s Club, “Punk Snow”, will be premiered in the Spring of 2015, and go online thereafter. Roger continues to update his diary on a daily basis - it currently covers the period from 1972 and consists of more than two million words.

Roger is available for directing and community projects, also for lecturing work, and his performance work is bookable. He is also looking for an agent to represent him.


Photo Credits: Mandy & China: Vincent Asante Di Cupillo. Main Picture – Barry Han. Performance – Tanja Koponen.

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